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Grass Fed and Finished Montana Bison
Prime Meats, Hides & Skulls

Welcome to Rancho Picante Bison! We operate a bison ranch on 360 acres a mile up in the Bridger mountains outside of Bozeman, Montana. We are an all-natural operation, raising our animals on mountain grass, alfalfa, and barley. We do not use any hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products or any other additives in our feed, and we very minimally handle our herd to reduce the stress on these majestic animals. They roam free on our acreage and are never confined in a feedlot for “finishing” or fattening. The whole herd has year-around access to the mountain streams which cross our property.

Rancho Picante has been certified by the Western Sustainability Exchange ( as a qualified and preferred Farm-To Market producer that manages its land and resources in a sustainable manner. Among our many wholesale customers is the Bozeman Co-Op ( which maintains strict natural and organic guidelines for all of its suppliers.

Our market is primarily selling wholesale to restaurants in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. Please see the list of our current customers to find a restaurant near you. We also sell to individuals interested in buying a half bison “on the rail”—ready for butchering into your preferred cuts and ground bison meat. Please see our price list.

We welcome your email inquiries about our products, including our tanned bison robes and hides, and our cleaned and bleached bison skulls—distinctive decorative items sure to give your home or business a distinctive Western touch. We hope you will come to enjoy our Montana Bison—it’s “Pioneer Protein!”


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